• a COMPUTER (Windows, Mac or Linux)
  • JAVA installed (from Oracle/SUN MicroSystems http://java.com)

  • INTERNET connection (DSL is a minimum)

for more information please look at our requirements page.


  1. Type the EVO web address in your web browser
  2. Click on the “START” button. Wait for the Koala program to start and detect your setup. You may be asked you to trust certificate. 
  3. Log In with the login and password that you have received (if you do not have a login, please register).


1.     At this step you are connected. You have in front of you, in the middle of the Koala window, the list of ongoing meetings. There’s always a “Testing Room” at least.
2.     To join a meeting, click on the bar that contains the meeting title.


3.     Once you are in the meeting, a second window shows up. It is the video application (called ViEVO) in which we see all videos from the remote participants. You can transmit your video from ViEVO (if you have a video camera).  Note that with Windows a requester may ask you to block or unblock the application. Please make sure that you always allow the application or else EVO would not work.

4.     To send your video (if you have a video camera) click on the  button in the Koala window.
5.     To talk, the controls are in the Koala window.  In Koala, the microphone is muted by default. To open your microphone click on  that will become  in the following area:

6.     You will see the connected participants and you can Chat with them:

The Chat: At the bottom of the Koala window there is an empty field (at left of the smiley) in which you can type your text and push the ENTER or RETURN key to send your text to the meeting.

At the center area of the Koala window is the list of the remote participants. A click on a participant shows a menu that provides special features to interact with the selected participant.


1.     Star the loopback: Check the quality of the audio and video that you can send from your microphone and your webcam via a click on the  menu item from the “Help & Test” menu. For more information look at Loopback documentation.

2.     If you have problem with the audio: Adjust the audio mixer of your operating system. You can also select the input and output audio devices in the “Audio” tab of the “AV Controls” window. Click on of the DashBoard to open this window.

3.     From that point, you just need to test with another connected user at the same meeting.