Skype™ EVO Gateway

You can now connect to EVO meetings via Skype™ .

  • Add Skype™ buddy on your Skype™ contact list.
  • To connect to an EVO meeting, call the contact. You will hear a voice inviting you to enter the EVO Meeting ID (the same as for the EVO Phone gateway). Enter the Meeting ID (and password if any) and enjoy the Skype™ / EVO communication. You can use the Skype™ Dial Pad or the keyboard (except on Windows) to type the ID. You can get this pad as it is shown in the following screen capture.


Click on the button to show the Dial Pad
Click on the button to show the Dial Pad

  • Warning: As for the phone, your Skype™ client microphone is UNMUTED by default when connecting to a meeting so unless you are an active speaker, we advise you to mute as soon as you got connected to avoid disturbing the conference by sending background audio.

Currently only the audio is bridged between the Skype™ client and the EVO meeting. It is planned to bridge also the Skype™ chat sometime soon and at a later stage, the video.

How to join EVO meetings via Skype™ on your iPhone :

  • First you need to have the Skype App for iPhone installed.
  • Then add to your contact list.
  • Click on the Call button.
  • Click on the Dialpad button.
  • Type the phone ID and "#".

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