The Whiteboard is an application which allows users in the meeting to share an area where everybody can write and which can contain other graphical materials.
Click on this button on the DashBoard to open it.



The Whiteboard allows you to draw simple shapes, write text, delete objects, move objects, insert pictures from your local disk, insert your desktop screenshot and save of pages to your local disk for later usage.

You can create graphic information by drawing several objects with different color. It is possible to move, copy and delete the graphical objects with the mouse. The text, can be pasted (Ctrl+v) and imported from a file. The images could be imported from a file, from a clipboard (Ctrl+v), from a capture of your screen. The whiteboard uses several pages to display content. The load feature (import) of saved pages (from whiteboard), let you prepare everything you want to discuss about before the meeting. Thus, simply import it during a meeting.


Move the objects.Draw a line.Free drawing using pen.
Copy the objects.Draw an arrow.Change color.
Delete the objects.Draw a rectangle.Change width of lines.
Type the text on the whiteboard.   Draw an oval.Change text font.


Create new empty page.

  • Import saved pages.
  • Import text from a text file. File has to be saved with UNICODE encoding.
  • Import picture from a picture file. If the picture can’t fit into the page, it is shrinked automatically.
  • Capture and import your screen as a picture.
Export all contents to the file.
Go to the previous page.
X / Y   Current page is X from overall Y pages.
Go to the next page.
Open the About window.
Quit application.


  • it can handle only one picture per page. Importing another picture in the same page will delete the previous one.
  • no possibility to move, copy or delete imported pictures
  • no possibility to change (color, size) drawn objects
  • no possibility to capture and import your screen on Linux and MAC OS X systems
  • while typing text, some special (Slovak, Chinese...) characters may not be displayed correctly
  • on Linux and MAC OS X systems, pasted text may be without special characters
  • on MAC OS X system, importing text from file may be without special characters