Frequently Asked Questions

V.1.8 26.03.2008


  • What is EVO?
  • What are Koala and Panda?
  • Difference between VRVS ad EVO?
  • How to start?
  • Which platforms does EVO support?
  • Is EVO secure?
  • How to report bugs, comments, and feedback?
  • Which software I need to run EVO?
  • What firewall setup is needed?
  • How to create a new community?
  • How to change the password?

  • Vievo and JAT

  • Do USB build-in camera microphones work with JAT?
  • I see bad colors, when I enlarge the small video in vievo.

  • H.323 and SIP

  • Is there support for H.323 clients?
  • Which parameters for H.323?
  • Is there support for SIP clients?
  • How to bridge ESNET meeting?

  • EVO on Linux

  • Why is the JSP file not associated with Java Webstart on my Linux?
  • Which program should I choose to start Koala.jnlp?
  • Why can't I hear other participants or other participants can't hear me, while I'm using Linux?
  • Why can't I start Koala on Fedora Core 7?
  • I got java: xcb_xlib.c:50: xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion `c->xlib.lock' when trying to start Koala.

  • EVO on Mac OSX

  • Why does Vievo not start up on MacOSX?
  • Where I can find more informarion about Mac support in EVO?
  • Why is Koala downloaded every single time I start EVO on Mac?
  • I heared Buzzing sound on Right Audio Channel on my MAC.

  • Miscellaneous

  • Why is KOALA unable to launch after a java update.
  • I've got KOALA unable to launch.
  • Does EVO handle NAT, Proxy and/or firewall traversal?
  • Does EVO work on Intel-based Macs?
  • Can I use EVO at home with ISP?
  • How to setup NOD32 Anti-virus with EVO?
  • Can I play EVO recorded files outside EVO?
  • My Koala stuck on 38% during loading.
  • Basics


    1. What is EVO?

      EVO is based on a new distributed architecture, leveraging the 10+ years of experience of developing and operating the large distributed VRVS collaboration system now in production. The primary objective of EVO is to provide an improved system and a service to the LHC and other major High Energy Physics programs that fully meets the requirements for usability, quality, scalability, adaptability to a wide range of working environments, reliability and cost. The EVO infrastructure automatically adapts to the prevailing network configuration and status, so as to ensure that the collaboration service runs without disruption. Because EVO is able to perform end-to-end monitoring, including the end-user's computer as well as the network infrastructure, we are able to inform the user of any potential or arising problems (e.g. excessive CPU load or packet loss) and, where possible, to fix the problems automatically and transparently on behalf of the user (e.g. by switching to another server node in the network, by reducing the number of video streams received, by adjusting audio volume, etc.). The integration of the MonALISA agent-based system ( into the new EVO architecture was an important step in the evolution of the collaboration service towards a globally distributed dynamic system that is largely autonomous.


    3. What are Koala and Panda?

      The next generation EVO system software includes a Client (named Koala) that runs on the user's client machine and is part of the software infrastructure, and a Server (named Panda) that is used to provide an intelligent, secure and reliable communication channel between the different entities in the system, and some other services (scheduler, directory services, etc.). Together they provide: support for both pre-booked and immediate (ad-hoc) point-to-point and multipoint collaborative sessions initiated through Instant Messaging. The videoconferencing is "adoptive" in that the size and numbers of windows are varied automatically if the CPU load on the end-system exceeds a pre-set limit, or if the bandwidth required to sustain the video stream exceeds what is measured to be available.


    5. What is the difference between VRVS and EVO?


      Feature EVO VRVS
      Audio yes yes
      Video yes yes
      Instant Messaging yes  
      H.323 yes yes
      SIP yes  
      Booked Meetings yes yes
      Ad-Hoc Meetings yes  
      Private Meetings yes  
      Encryption yes  
      Private Audio discussion inside a meeting yes  
      Exchange of files yes  
      Meeting Recorder/Player yes  
      Whiteboard yes  
      Phone bridge yes  
      Redundancy system yes  

    7. How do I get started?

      If you want to use EVO, you must first register yourself. Note that your VRVS login doesn't work in EVO, you have to register again.
      You only need to register once and after that, use your login/password to join EVO. For more detail information, please refer to the EVO Registration Guide.


    9. Which platforms does EVO support?

      EVO works under Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Linux, Mac OS X from 10.4.x (PPC and Intel based)


    11. Is EVO secure?

      The EVO architecture includes different level of security. One is based on the ability to secure the deployment and access of the EVO collaboration infrastructure. The second level is based on the collaboration session itself and the ability to secure the access to a session and/or encrypt the data communication channel. You can encrypt IM/Chat and/or Video and/or Audio from Koala to Panda. This uses standard JAVA encryption libraries (JCE).
      NOTE that it may take more CPU and Bandwidth than a normal session.


    13. How can I report bugs, comments, and other feedback?

      This FAQ should give answers to the most common questions or problems encountered when you use EVO. If you have futher questions, please check the EVO Documentation. If you don't find what you're looking for, or you want to report a bug, comment or some other kind of feedback, send email to Feedback/Help or hit HELP button in Koala.
      When reporting problems please detail:

      1. which hardware platform and operative system version you are using.
      2. which browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer,...).
      3. which version of Java plug-in.
      4. when/where does the problem appear (when you are where and you click what)
      5. attach koala.log file located in <your_home_directory>/.Koala
      The more information you provide, the quicker we'll be able to assist you.


    15. What kind of software do I need to run EVO?

      Evo is based on Java and Java Webstart technology, so you need to install Java runtime environment(JRE). You can download it from

    16. How do I configure my firewall to use EVO?

      If there is a firewall blocking incoming traffic between your machine (inside firewall) and the Panda server (outside firewall), some ports need to be opened. You need to open UDP port 46015, which is the only one used to communicate with Panda. The connection is initiated by Koala, which is running on your machine to the Panda. If you are behind a proxy, but outbound TCP is open, then no action should be needed. If outbound TCP connections are blocked, then you should check our documentation ,where you can find a list of outbound TCP ports in Appendix C.
      The common firewalls seen on personal computers include Windows Firewall, ZoneAlarm in Windows, iptables in Linux, Personal Firewall in Mac OS X.


    18. How to create a new community in EVO?

      The EVO community addition/deletion is managed by us so we can keep some control over it. The EVO community is interesting when a significant number of people belong to the project and want to have a dedicated collaboration environment. In this case a request should be sent to us with a bit of explanation/justifications to If we accept your request, we will ask you for an icon and background image for your community if you have one available.

    19. How to change the password?

      On the main EVO site click on "Can't remember your login/password?" and fill the form. Then you will receive the email with new password, which you can change by accessing your "Profile" from EVO site.

    Vievo and JAT


    1. Do USB build-in camera microphones work with JAT?

      Yes, you can choose your recording device in Koala window->AV Control-> Audio.

    2. I see bad colors, when I enlarge the small video in vievo.

      Changing color depth of display to 32 bits will fix the problem.


    H.323 and SIP


    1. Is there support for H.323 clients participating in a collaboration session?

      Yes. EVO comes with H.323 as well as SIP plugins. Before you enter a meeting you need to select H.323 plugin. Then you have to fill all the necessary fields in the form and enter the meeting. For more detail information, please refer to the EVO Documentation.


    2. Which parameters should I choose for H.323?

      EVO provides the flexibility in setting H.323 parameters such as bandwidth and frame rate. You can select the settings appropriate to your actual network. All H.323 devices are supported. This includes MCUs as well as end devices such as Polycom H.323 products (ViewStation, ViaVideo...), Tandberg,... To connect using a H.323 client, select the H.323 plug-in. Set the hostname/IP of the H.323 device to connect. The bandwidth can go as high as 768kpbs and frame rate as high as 25-30 fps. If the H.323 host is connected to a gatekeeper, you need to specify the gatekeeper hostname/IP and Alias or E.164 in the appropriate fields.


    3. Is there support for SIP clients?

      EVO comes with a SIP plug-in. You can use a SIP client as your audio/video client or you can call or receive a call from a SIP client.


    4. How to bridge ESNET meeting to EVO?

      Firstly enter to EVO meeting with H.323 or with EVO Tools and then in Koala->Call choose H.323. Check Gatekeeper and type ESNET_meeting_number@ for example: 881234@ . Then enter the PIN code followed by pound key.


    EVO on Linux


    1. Why is the JSP file not associated with Java Webstart on my Linux?

      You have to install the latest SUN Java and restart your browser. Then click again on Start on EVO page and Koala should appear automatically.
      If you are using SUN java you need to add these lines to /etc/mailcap or to ~/.mailcap.

      # Java Web Start
      application/x-java-jnlp-file; /usr/java/version_of_java/bin/javaws %s

      You need to make a symlink in ~/.mozilla/plugins(to your preferable browser plugin directory) to /usr/java/version_of_java/plugin/i386/ns7/


    2. Which program should I choose to start Koala.jnlp?

      If your browser asks you which program to choose to open Koala.JNLP, choose javaws.
      In Linux you can find this usually in /usr/java/version_of_java/bin/.


    3. Why can't I hear other participants or other participants can't hear me, while I'm using Linux?

      1) Check if your firewall doesn't block the connection to localhost(
      2) Check if you don't have any other application running, which can use the audio device.
      3) Try to kill(if it's running) audio server.
      4) Try to change audio devices in AV Controls -> Audio.
      5) Try to change audio quality in AV Controls -> Audio -> Advanced.
      6) Some of our users report, that sometime there is problem with privileges. Add rights "o+rw" on /dev/dsp* and /dev/snd/* , then restart Koala and check the audio in EVO TV meeting. You will find more details on this site:
      7) If nothing works, hit the HELP! button in Koala and describe your problem.


    4. Why can't I start Koala on Fedora Core 7?

      Firstly check if you have the latest java installed from SUN. Then check if java is working: to do this run javaws -viewer from the command line. If you see some libraries missing, install them and try again. Then you should be able to start EVO. If not, send an email to Feedback/Help.


    5. I got java: xcb_xlib.c:50:
      xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion 'c->xlib.lock'

      If you have 32 bit version of Linux then run this command:
      sed -i 's/XINERAMA/FAKEEXTN/g'


    EVO on Mac OSX

    1. Why does Vievo not start up on MacOSX?

      This usually happens when you don't have X11 installed. Follow the instruction on this site to install it:
      If you have X11 installed and you still cannot start ViEVO, then try to start it from the X11 terminal:
      1) cd ~/.Koala/plugins/ViEVO
      2) ./ViEVO . If you see error message like: vievo: No support for your display type {{Truecolor 15} {Truecolor 15}, then check in System Preferences -> Displays -> Colors, if you have Millions color selected.


    2. Where I can find more informarion about Mac support in EVO?

      You can find more information about Java setup and X11 installation instruction on our site:


    3. Why is Koala downloaded every single time I start EVO on Mac?

      o When you click on on the start button, It download the Koala.jnlp file. If your download folder in Safari is Desktop, then the Koala will delete this file. In other case you will see koala-1.jnlp, koala-2.jnlp...

      o When this jnlp is dowloaded then Java WebStart checks if new modules (jar files) has been updated on the server. At this stage you did not download any new EVO modules

      o If it appears that some jar files are new, it will update these new files (It will download only the updated package and not the entire EVO package)

      o These time, we are doing regularly some update mainly the Koala.jar (which is a bit higher then 1 MB) to fix bugs or have enhancement following users requests. So, you may see some real download from time to time.


    4. I heared Buzzing sound on Right Audio Channel on my MAC.

      This is a java bug, which some users experience. We found one solution, which works for us. Firstly enter to EVO TV, to get some audio for checking. Start Audio Midi Setup from /Applications/Utilities/Audio Midi Setup. There try to change the Audio Output Format from 48000 Hz to 44100.0 Hz. You can try to do it several times from 44000 to 48000 or to 96000 and back to 44000 until you get the good audio. Please let us know if you manage to get good audio.



    1. Why is KOALA unable to launch after a java update.

      If you see an error in your JAVA console similar to:
      java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no system in java.library.path
      at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary(Unknown Source)
      at java.lang.Runtime.loadLibrary0(Unknown Source)
      This is a well known Java problem (associated with the latest version). Please type the "javaws.exe -uninstall " command line from a DOS-prompt. You may also manually remove all the previous Koala application and clear the cache from the Java Web Start window. To start this window, type in DOS-promt "javaws" or "javaws -viewer". Once this is done please go back to to download and restart Koala.


    2. I've got KOALA unable to launch.

      If you see an error in your JAVA console similar to:
      --- Unable to load resource:
      The fact that you can not load/access the normal web link may be due to fact that you probably have a WEB Proxy setting, that prevent to have direct http access. You need to configure this web proxy settings in your java web start. Just type: "javaws -viewer" , close the viewer and in the "general" tab select the "network settings" and fill the form with your web proxy information, that you used on your institute.


    3. Does EVO handle NAT, Proxy and/or firewall traversal?

      EVO is designed to traverse firewall/NATs easily. All traffic is tunneled in a single UDP port(46015). This includes audio, video and all other Koala functions such as chat, Bookings etc. If your firewall rules block UDP traffic then the Koala initiates a TCP connection to the Panda. Since most sites allow an outbound TCP connection, EVO can traverse 99% of firewalls/NATs without problem.


    4. Does EVO work on Intel-based Macs?

      Yes, EVO works on PPC- or Intel-based Macs.


    5. Can I use EVO at home with ISP?

      Yes, as long as bandwidth is there is enough. Basically 384 kpbs is enough for audio/video transmission, but it also depends on how many participants in the meeting and bandwidth your ISP provides. Cable modem or an ASDL connection is good enough for using EVO at home.


    6. How do I configure NOD32 Anti-virus software to work with EVO?

      If you have NOD32 installed and Koala client is closing unexpectedly, then it should be NOD32 Anti-virus package which causing this. Uninstalling it solved these problems, however the following should allow Koala to run while retaining anti-virus functionality:

      • NOD32 module AMON - Exclude the folder containing your JRE from on demand scanning, on recent Sun installations it is c:\Program Files\Java<\li>
      • NOD32 module IMON - Exclude javaw.exe. As per the example above, on a recent installation you can found it under C:\Program Files\Java\your_java_version\bin\javaw.exe.
      This prevents NOD32 from intercepting the network traffic from the Koala client.


    7. Can I play EVO recorded files outside EVO?

      No, you cannot play that files outside EVO. You can playback only inside EVO with our Playback plugin. For more information please refer to our documentation.


    8. My Koala stuck at 38% during loading.

      1) Check if you have latest java from SUN installed.
      2) If you are on Linux, try to remove IPv6 network interface.
      3) If you have Proxy connection and you are using the Firefox on Mac, you need to setup proxy manually instead of 'auto detect settings'. 4) if you are still having problem to connect, hit the "Send Report" button and follow the instructions.